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Acoustic Guitar Strings & Accessories Of Note


Earthtones Guitar Strings

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Kerly Kues Earthtones Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Light Gauge

Kerly Kues Earthtones Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Extra light Gauge

£8.95   Gauge: .011 .015 .024w .032 .042 .052

In Stock

In Stock

Kerly Kues CYCLECOAT process strengthens the strings at the molecular level which adds tonal crispness and increased durability, while dramatically resisting corrosive elements that reduce life and tone. Giving a smoother feel with stellar bendability.



Maximum Sound And Durability






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Kerly Kues Earthtones Phosphor Bronze  Acoustic Guitar Strings

Kerly Kues Earthtones Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Medium Gauge

Maximum Sound And Durability…

The CYCLECOAT™ process uses repetitive Hot/Cold, Hot/Cold, Hot/Cold cycles that close up the microcracks that cause tonal loss and premature breakage. It's the microcracks in normal strings that allow a string to go dead or break quickly. Kerly strings say… "We close up the cracks and our strings counteract sweat, corrosion and quick breakage."  It's the repetitive expansion and contraction of the metal, due to both temperatures, that change its structure giving it the added benefits. 

Earthtone strings use select phosphor bronze - which is wound tightly and seasoned with their CYCLECOAT process between minus 320f and plus 350f for 24-36 hours.

This process reduces the microcracks with the result of a Long-Life string, with a smoother surface feel and stellar bendability.


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