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Acoustic Guitar Strings & Accessories Of Note

  • Machined in the UK from a solid billet of marine-grade stainless steel for rich, solid, clear tone

  • Tapered inner bore concentrates the weight at your fingertip for superb balance, comfort and exceptional single-note sustain

  • Polished by hand to a mirror finish for low friction and minimal string noise

  • Precision-radiused edges for a silky smooth glide across the strings

  • Includes exclusive slide technique guide by Martin Simpson

  • Comes with a black velvet storage pouch

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The Martin Simpson Artist Series Signature Slide

 - Delivering Outstanding Tone And Feel With Superb Balance And Comfort -

Your slide is an essential, tone-creating part of your instrument - not just a means of playing the notes…

The material, surface quality and weight of a slide all have a profound impact on your tone. If any of these are lacking, you'll find yourself compensating - using more pressure, hitting the frets - then compensating again with heavier strings and higher action...

Unique, high-performance materials…

Unlike other slides, every Wolfram slide is designed and engineered from the ground up to be a guitar slide. Wolfram don't just cut slides from pre-formed metal tube, their slides are precision machined from the highest quality marine-grade stainless steel - so you can be sure that the materials used have been carefully chosen and engineered for their tone, high-performance and durability.

Peerless surface quality…

Wolfram slides are lovingly polished by hand to a mirror-sheen to achieve the smoothest possible, low-friction playing surface. Rattles, scratches and string noise are a thing of the past, as is string drag. Expect a silky-smooth glide from your Wolfram slide, both across and along the strings.

Weight, comfort and agility…

There's no avoiding it - the weight of a slide is a huge influence on the sustain and tone you can achieve from your guitar. Overly-light slides are one of the most common reasons for players needing to raise that action or use heavier strings. All Wolfram slides are engineered with a delicate balance between material choice, size and weight to achieve a great tone from any guitar, whatever the strings, whatever the setup. Their slides are designed to meet the needs of hard-playing professionals, who need a slide to be comfortable for many hours of playing, day after day, and agile enough to tackle any musical style with finesse.

Slide perfection…

No other slide in the world is made with the level of care and attention of a Wolfram slide. They are fanatical about quality - if it isn't absolutely perfect, it will never leave their workshop.

"These are literally the finest slides available, anywhere…

If you're a slide player, this could change your life."

                             Martin Simpson

Made In England




There are two sizes - Medium and Small - the Medium size being the original, corresponding to Wolframs high-end tungsten carbide Martin Simpson Signature Slide.

The Small size has approximately 1.5mm narrower inner diameter throughout the taper, and is slightly shorter. Unlike many smaller sized slides, though, this one retains exactly the same mass as the Medium size and has been re-balanced using a slightly thicker wall - so you lose absolutely nothing in tone with the smaller slide. Both slides have a wonderful rich, sustaining tone - not in the least bit harsh as some unpolished steel slides can be.

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Medium Sized Slide  FREE UK  DELIVERY

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Small Sized Slide     FREE UK DELIVERY


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