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This nail file is cool!

It's great for the fine details’… Tony McManus

Superb - you've changed my life.

The BEST tone from my nails, ever.

It's that good!’…  Amrit Sond

Exclusive extras!

All Precision : Crystal files come with our exclusive guide to nail shaping for guitarists, and a black velvet storage sleeve.

Understanding your nails and how their shape affects your guitar tone can be daunting - the more so because different natural nail shape and curvature mean that everyone's nails respond differently. Our exclusive nail shaping guide explains how the nail interacts with the string, gives you pointers on what to look for and provides an overview on how nail shapes affect tone. Find out how you can achieve your perfect tone with Precision : Crystal.

All of our files come with a fitted black velvet storage sleeve.

Precision : Crystal Is The Only Nail File Developed By Guitarists - For Guitarists!

Your nails are a crucial part of the interface with your guitar. Long or short, the shape, finish and condition of your nails define the tone you get from your instrument.

Wolfram developed Precision : Crystal as the ultimate nail file - a single tool to shorten, shape and finish your nails to achieve and perfect your unique tone, quickly and consistently. Etched into the highest-quality, hardened lead-free Bohemia crystal, their unique, perfectly even filing surface are calibrated to leave a finish perfect for great fingerstyle guitar tone - no need for further buffing or polishing.

Join the many professional guitarists all over the world including, Martin Simpson and Tony McManus

who trust their nails, and their tone - to Wolfram Precision : Crystal Nail Files!

Precision: Crystal Original

Precision: Crystal PRO

         Precision: Crystal Nano


 - Best for artificial nails -

Everything from our original Precision : Crystal plus:

A Mini Version Of The Precision : Crystal Pro

Much tougher than other glass nail files, Precision : Crystal will never wear out. If clogged with nail dust, a quick wash in warm water restores the filing surface to

100% effectiveness.

Customer Testimonials from Wolfram Website:

"Seriously, it has blown any other file I've ever used clean out of the water; all are now in the bin. It removes a lot of nail effortlessly (depending on pressure) and quickly, and, at the same time, leaves a really smooth surface; my metal files always left a rough surface that needed a lot of cleaning up with a micromesh. I used to hate filing my nails; now - believe it or not - it's a real pleasure." (Steve, UK)

"I've been very impressed with the overall 'feel' of the file. It has the right amount of abrasion without being harsh, but also removes quickly.Well done on your research and producing such a good product - I will certainly recommend it." (Ian, UK)

"The file is a work of art - nice touch with the etched logo." (Vic, UK)

"Having used [other files] for years, these are better and cheaper... these fantastic Wolfram files take much less time to get a great tone. 10/10" (Warwick, UK)

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