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Acoustic Guitar Strings & Accessories Of Note


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Pierre Bensusan…

“For more than 30 years of professional guitar playing, I have been searching for the ideal guitar string - the right medium, longevity, fluidity, touch and beauty of sound. Wyres strings is the answer to all my concerns.

Pierre Bensusan Signature Guitar Strings

They sound wonderful, feel great under the fingers, allow for an extensive use of their sustain to WORK the touch, the tone and the history of the note. And the icing on the cake - they last a very long time!”

£15.99   Gauge: .013 .017 .023w .032 .042 .056

In Stock

Wyres Pierre Bensusan Phosphor Bronze  Coated Signature DADGAD Acoustic Guitar Strings

£15.99   Gauge: .012 .016 .025w .034 .044 .054

Pierre Bensusan specialises in playing in DADGAD tuning. These signature strings have been developed in gauges best suited to this dropped tuning. Whereby higher gauges are used on the strings that are lowered - to help promote consistency of tension and intonation.

#dadagad #Wyresstd

  Standard Gauge


Wyres Pierre Bensusan Phosphor Bronze Standard Gauge Coated Signature Acoustic Guitar Strings

Wyres optional P.T.F.E. (polymer tetra-fluoro-ethylene) coating is a proprietary process of combining a dry inert plastic with a carrying agent of rubbing alcohol. This light coating doesn’t dampen frequencies over the string, allowing more wire to contact . P.T.F.E. lubricates the string, protecting it against oils, acids and oxidation, resulting in less fret wear, less noise, longer life and a smooth, silky touch.


Fine, handmade

 Guitar strings

In Stock